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What Cosmetic Laser Technologies Do We Use?

At Facial Esthetics One, we use medical grade lasers to help you achieve your esthetics goals. Our team uses the most advanced non-surgical treatments available, all with sensitivity and care.

fotona-dynamis-cosmetic-laserSP Dynamis Fotona

Dynamis is a family of lasers that includes Nd:YAG and Er:YAG standalone systems, or a combination dual wavelength system to address a wide range of applications for maximum versatility in your practice.

Nd:YAG technology delivers deeply penetrating thermal effects while simultaneously keeping the epidermis safe and comfortable. This wavelength provides non-ablative skin treatments and is ideal for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, vascular treatments, pigmented lesions, acne and hair removal.

Er:YAG functionality ranges from superficial to deep peels, from non-ablative to fully ablative and from full-field to fractional resurfacing. This wavelength offers precise, micron layer-by-layer ablation control and can be tailored to any specific skin condition to achieve exceptional results.

The Nd:YAG functionality perfectly complements the Er:YAG laser’s ablative action with its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin to create thermal effects without damaging the surface of the skin. Combining the two wavelengths in one system provides ultimate versatility to meet all of your treatment needs.

About The Dynamis Fotona Pro

endymedproEndyMed Pro

EndyMed PRO™ is a multi-application device that uses proprietary 3DEEP® technology, a safe, phase-controlled radio frequency energy source for skin tightening, body contouring, and fractional skin resurfacing.

3DEEP manages and directs the energy to exactly where it is needed. This technology deeply targets collagen fibers with less energy along the skin’s surface to reduce side effects and eliminate the need for cooling.

The 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) handpiece simultaneously performs micro-fractional ablation on the epidermal layer to reduce roughness and hyperpigmentation. The dermis is then treated with deep thermal heating, leading to collagen remodeling and the reduction of wrinkles and scars.

EndyMed™ PURE offers the same facial and upper body tightening, body contouring, and professional grade fractional skin resurfacing as EndyMed PRO, but in a compact, easy to use platform that is easily transported.

About the EndyMed Pro 3DEEP Technology

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