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Cosmetic Botox

botox-serviceHave you been considering Cosmetic Botox?

The signs of aging are often the most noticeable in the face. As we grow older, frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet become more pronounced often leaving us looking and thus feeling older than we would like. Cosmetic Botox can potentially be an effective treatment for reducing unwanted wrinkles and age lines. The end result is that you can look, and as a result feel, much better and younger.

How Do We Administer Botox?

Botox is typically injected around the forehead and eyes. Botox helps to stop the overactive muscle movement that causes facial wrinkles temporarily. It is administered by one of our trained practitioners. The treatment takes a few minutes, and the results can typically be seen in as little as 4-5 days after the injection. Botox anti-aging results are fully effective for up to 4 months after your treatment.

Botox is a quick, very comfortable treatment. There is virtually no downtime required. Sometimes minor red dots can be visible at the injection site, but within a few hours, they totally disappear. You can resume your regular activities immediately after your treatment.

Botox can also be an effective treatment for reducing jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

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