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Calgary Cosmetic Laser

Calgary Cosmetic Laser
Patients looking to improve the look and feel of their skin come to the Calgary Cosmetic Laser Clinic at Facial Esthetics for a wide range of treatment options, including Laser Peels, Botox treatments, Laser Hair Removal, Facial Fillers, Laser Acne treatments and more.
Laser Peels are very popular with patients right now who want to recapture the youthful look and smooth texture of their skin. Peels improve and work to smooth the texture of the skin that is often lost as the skin ages. A laser peels can remove nearly all fine wrinkles while significantly improving the lines that are deeper and more dynamic. 
During Calgary Cosmetic Laser Peel treatment, the laser beam gently removes micron-thin layer of the epidermis while thermally healing deeper skin layers, simultaneously stimulating the production of new collagen in the dermis. As the patient, you can control the depth and region of your treatments! This is exciting news for potential clients who are thinking about a laser peel because it results in a treatment that can be catered specifically to each person’s needs or desires.
There are many benefits of coming into the Calgary laser clinic and having a cosmetic laser treatment. A few of the most common benefits of having a laser peel include:
- More targeted and impactful treatment with a laser. While creams and lotions can only do so much for your skin, a laser peel can provide the results clients are looking for.
- Clients who undergo laser peel treatment enjoy a boost in their confidence as fine lines and wrinkles disappear and the skin takes on a smoother and more youthful appearance.
- The reasonable price of a laser peel is one of the most well-received of all the benefits associated with this type of treatment. The market is absolutely filled with very expensive serums and creams that can very quickly add up over the coarse of a couple of years and still produce no noticeable results. With a Laser peel, a one-time investment produces immediate results that are affordable and long-lasting.
- For those clients looking for a treatment that offers immediate results, the Calgary Cosmetic Laser Clinic can schedule a timely appointment for the fastest results possible. Compared with other treatment options, laser peels offer the fastest route to a more youthful look.
- Improves sun damage that may have occurred a long time ago, which is one of the benefits clients really appreciate with the laser peel. Damage to the skin that is not recent responds well to a laser peel, unlike using creams, which rarely are able to reverse the visible signs of long-ago damage.
- Laser peels greatly improve scarring, clothes and dark spots on the skin that have formerly not responded well to other types of treatments.
Please call the Calgary Cosmetic Laser Clinic at 587-393-3811 and speak with a specialist from Facial Esthetics about making an appointment to discuss your treatment options. Facial Esthetics is conveniently located in Suite 169 Banker’s Hall on 8th Ave SW in Calgary.
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